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Affiliate Program Guide
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Affiliate Program Directory

Welcome to, the no-nonsense guide to making money from your site using affiliate programs, and to using affiliate programs to generate more leads and sales.

This site has been subdivided into three topical areas: the affiliate program guide (for affiliates), the guide for affiliate managers and the affiliate program directory, which reviews and rates a number of leading affiliate programs.

The Affiliate Program Guide

An in-depth guide to affiliate programs, from an affiliate perspective. Topics covered include what affiliate programs are, what types of affiliate program exist, how to select the right affiliate programs, pitfalls to watch out for and much more...

Starting Your Own Affiliate Program

If you're interested in using the power of affiliate marketing to drive traffic and sales, this comprehensive guide to setting up and running an affiliate program will help you. Learn how to determine the parameters of your affiliate program, explore the various ways to implement an affiliate program, and much more....

The Affiliate Program Directory

In-depth reviews of selected affiliate programs, from computer hardware and software to email services, classifieds to personals. Each review explores the type of site offering the program and provides details of commission rates, advertising creative, potential limitations, and much more...

Good luck with your quest to generate revenue from your site!

Edwin Hayward

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