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Affiliate Program Guide

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Affiliate Program Guide
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SUMMARY: There are many affiliate program networks, that is, companies that specialise in providing affiliate services for a number of separate merchants.

Affiliate Networks with Consolidated Payments

The following affiliate networks consolidate payments from multiple merchants into a single check, enabling you to reach the minimum payment level more quickly.

Affiliate Networks with Individual Payments

The following affiliate networks either leave payment up to each individual merchant, or do not consolidate payment in any way.

Pay per Click Networks

The following affiliate networks function on a pay-per-click payment basis.

Parked Domain Monetisation Services

The following services help you make money from your "parked" i.e. otherwise unused domain names

Regional Affiliate Networks

The following networks focus on a specific country or region. Some may have eligibility requirements such as a local presence in the country they are targeting.

Key info to take away

Affiliate programs vary widely in terms of overall quality and reliability, commission rates, statistics, the amount of help that the parent site offers in marketing the products or services it sells, and so on. By thoroughly understanding an affiliate program, you'll minimize the risk of not getting paid - and maximize your potential earnings.

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